Amy Whitworth, Garden Designer

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Amy Whitworth, Garden Designer

Participate in a collaborative process with a creative garden artist, as we integrate your garden into your home and life. My experience and vision will be used to interpret your desires and transform your land into a garden environment for healthy living and inspiration.

Sustainable and Earth-Friendly

Earth-friendly gardens with year-round interest include native plants to provide food and shelter for local wildlife, lawn alternatives, patio spaces that allow rain to soak into the ground and rain gardens for clean rivers. Soil health (the foundation for an exuberant garden) is primary. Your garden will come alive as foliage colors and textures, with accents of bud, bloom, berry and seed change with the seasons.

Illustration by Amy of a garden walkwayPlants are selected with an eye for composition and their adaptability to the site, lowering maintenance for the long term. Dynamic plant growth will encourage you to participate in your garden’s evolution and become a better gardener.