Planting Plan

The Master Plan

The Planting Plan
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blackstarThis plan provides the level of detail needed for professional installation of your garden. It’s the final step in the design process. Upon completion of this phase, you’ll receive:

  • Professional, detailed drawings to scale with individual plants labeled, paths and other features identified;
  • A supplemental plant list specifying sizes and quantities along with estimated costs;
  • A separate maintenance list for future reference;
  • Notes with suggestions for ways to conveniently phase-in the installation of the garden over time and referrals for people who can bid on the entire job or just the parts you don’t want to do yourself. Ballpark estimates for the project are offered to help with the budgeting.

The Planting Plan is the natural progression after your conceptual/layout plan. Upon completion, I’ll present the design to you, “walking” you through your new garden and discussing ways to best begin the installation process. Developing a Planting Plan takes 15 hours — on average — for the front or back yard of a 50′ x 100′ lot, in addition to the conceptual/layout plan phase just completed. I’ll provide a specific estimate for the complete design of your project at the time of our initial consultation.

The key to the garden puzzle

The Planting Plan provides you with a beautiful hand-drafted drawing of your property to scale with all the answers to the garden puzzle.

  • It depicts the exact placement and position of each plant, from trees to groundcovers;
  • It reflects your ideal level of maintenance, your aesthetic desires and your budget;
  • It includes the plants you love and those to which your senses respond;
  • It’s visually easy to read and decipher and, with the help of a layout plan, makes transition from paper to the ground a breeze.

But it’s just the beginning

Your finished plan leads you to the next step in the garden building process — the moment you’ve been waiting for: to see the new vision for your garden proceed through its installation with the help of garden realization and plant shopping.