Plant Lists and Garden Tips

Want ideas for ways to incorporate native plants into your garden? Or the best way to assure success for your newly-planted garden? How about the names of perennials with a long bloom time? Or plants for a garden section that’s wet a lot of the time?

The links below will get you started! Please choose between downloading your file as a WORD document or as a PDF.

Plant List Download Word Document Download PDF
Perennials for Moist-to-Wet Soils WORD PDF
Perennials with a Long Bloom WORD PDF
Native Plants for Rain Gardens WORD PDF
Native Plants for Special Purposes WORD PDF
Property Boundary Plants WORD PDF
Deer-Resistant Plants WORD PDF
Drought Resistant Plants WORD PDF
Plants for Winter Interest WORD PDF
Parking Strip Plants WORD PDF
Green Manures. Cover Crops to Improve Your Soil WORD PDF
Highlighting Your Entryway WORD PDF
Planting in Hot Weather WORD PDF
Design Tips for Bountiful Gardens WORD PDF
Designing a Backyard Wetland WORD PDF
Designing Backyard Habitats WORD PDF
Rain Gardens for the Disconnected Downspout WORD PDF