The Garden Realized

black star illustrationEntry path from the drivewayGarden Realization typically follows a Design-on-the-Fly session or the completion of a Planting Plan.

As the designer who has worked closely with you to develop a clear vision for your garden, I’ll continue to act on your behalf to realize the vision on the ground. This is the garden building process and involves:

  • Referring you to qualified professionals who can bid on the work and are willing to be a part of the garden realization team;
  • Collaborating on details of the plan with invited contractors to create the best result possible;
  • Shopping for plants that may be hard to find;
  • Facilitating communication between parties;
  • Making site visits at strategic points during the installation to discuss with the contractor any necessary modifications to reflect the overall vision on your behalf;
  • Taking care of any details that arise during the process.

Meeting with professionals to get the job done

Whether you’ve only had a design-on-the-fly or you’ve completed the design process to a full planting plan, chances are good you’ll want help seeing your project through to completion. I’ll meet with one or more contractors at your property to go over the particulars of the installation including:

  • a discussion about organic approaches to soil preparation;
  • organic fertilization of plants at installation, including compost teas;
  • final topdressing and use of organic weed-suppression materials;
  • material choices and installation styles from a budget or practical perspective.

Helping you decide

You’ll want to be there to meet the contractors yourself since you will be the one hiring them. I will be happy to go over any of their bids with you to help you through the process of choosing the right team. I’ll also meet with your contractor at strategic points in the installation to help:

  • inventory the delivered plants and approve their quality;
  • consult on layout, finish details and plant placement;
  • move the project toward the intended vision.