A Design-on-the-Fly Sketch

A Design-on-the-Fly Sketch
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Design-on-the-Fly mimics the way most people build their gardens over time. It provides you with a specific first project to develop the “bones” (structure) of your landscape in a cost-effective, fun and collaborative way.

Design-on-the-Fly incorporates the following steps:

  • a brief consultation focusing on your goals, the scope of the project and your budget;
  • measuring the site and developing a sketch to scale;
  • laying out structures such as paths, patios, decks if appropriate;
  • recommending structural plants;
  • filling in with compatible plants as time allows.

A practical alternative for small-area design

Design-on-the-Fly is a “quick solution” at a reasonable price for a limited area with an eye toward the overall vision for your garden. It is perfect for gardeners who enjoy developing their own landscape but want to sharpen their focus or expand the range of garden possibilities.

A Design-on-the-Fly combined with a shopping trip or two may be all that’s needed to begin to transform your “yard” into a garden you’ll love to live in.