Garden Styling

Overscaled steel pots by Steve Ferris, photo by Alyse Lansing

Whether you’ll be installing a garden yourself or having it installed by a professional — or even getting the help of friends or neighbors — the final placing of the plants is the piece that brings the garden to life.

three flower illustration by Amy WhitworthMake the most of the plants you have by taking advantage of my ‘designer’s eye’ to place plants for future growth and optimal privacy. Together we can modify an existing landscape or planting plan based on actual site conditions. I can help:

  • with the placement of art in the garden;
  • help you to choose containers and the plants that look best in them;
  • locate the best spot for a bench, birdbath or a fountain.

When it’s time to do some dividing or rearranging of older plants in an existing landscape, contact me to help.