More Questions to Ask Yourself


Curb Appeal


The remainder of this page will help you to continue thinking about what you’d like your new garden to be. This will help focus and direct our conversation when we meet for your consultation. If you’d like to re-read Page 1 of this self-interview or you’ve arrived here by mistake and would like to go to page 1, click here. Or you can download this in PDF format (144k).

Focus on details

Who will be maintaining the garden and what kinds of chores do they find enjoyable; which chores are unpleasant? Are you a fussy gardener, demanding perfection, or are you content with the way nature handles things?

What is the most used room in the house? What do you see from that window? What is your best view around the house? How about your worst view? Is it from the street or from the corner of the backyard? What do you see? Walk around and look at your property from the places you never spend any time — Including across the street. Are there any privacy issues?

Think About It!

Reflect on how your garden will be integrated into your lifestyle.
At Your Convenience …

How do you arrive and enter the house? Is it different than that of guests? Is there enough room to walk around your car while carrying packages without stepping in a puddle, walking on the lawn or in the rose bed?

Where do you store your trash cans, recycling bins — is it convenient? Do you need a compost area? Do you need a storage shed for tools or firewood? Do you need an outdoor workspace or staging area for projects around the house?

Are you planning any future expansions on your house?

  • New doors out to the garden?
  • An addition?
  • A Deck, Patio or Hot Tub?
  • Outdoor kitchen or Fireplace?

It’s all about your site

black star illustrationWhat is the approximate size of your property? Do you have any grading or drainage issues? Have you disconnected your downspouts? Do you currently have any maintenance issues? (Blackberries, Horsetail, pasture weeds, disease, overgrown, etc) What is your favorite thing about your property? List any visual or functional problems of your property to be minimized or overcome.

… And about your lifestyle

Considering your lifestyle, what feeling or mood do you wish to establish?

  • Naturalistic?
  • Formal, Historic?
  • Asian?
  • Modern?
  • Eclectic?

Does this tie in with your house style?

Are you interested in:

  • Water conservation planting (xeriscaping)?
  • Storing rainwater?
  • Attracting wildlife?
  • Edible Landscaping?
  • Green Roofs?
  • Low maintenance?

Do you want an irrigation system? Do you want to include Native Plants? Exclusively?

Will you be installing the garden yourself? Will you be seeking help with the hardest parts? Are you planning on hiring a Landscape Contractor?

I hope this self-interview has helped you to focus on what you’d like your new garden to be. To make an appointment for your consultation, contact me now!